project 2 instructions eco 2023 principles of microeconomics prof ponton

Write a two-page, doubled -spaced 12 sized Arial font report in which you detail the evolution of antitrust policy in the U.S since the first antitrust case of 1890. Try to specifically how these major pieces of legislation have contributed to promote fair business practices and trade as well as competition. You might want to cite examples of the main 4 types of market structures-perfect competition, monopolistic competition, oligopoly and monopoly as they have hindered competition and free trade and how the US Dept. of Justice has challenged legally many of these market formations. Be specific in your narrative in terms of the legal challenge and the type of market structure involved at the time. Try to research major legislation of the 20th century from Standard Oil Case, US Steel, the Microsoft Case etc. Follow a chronological order in your assessment of the Justice Dept’s decisions . Use in-text citations of major cases and at least 3 sources in your bibliography.