Project Communications Strategy: Ranking the Best Universities in Canad

Description Overview: To date, we have discussed the fundamentals of Public Relations (PR) and the basic principles, processes and applications. We have focused on how to think strategically when developing a PR plan by developing SMART objectives, conducting a detailed situational analysis, exploring stakeholder identification and management, and looking at the important role communications strategies and tactical plans play in an effective plan. This assignment challenges you to apply this knowledge to a real PR situation facing Queen’s University. It is designed to provide you with the opportunity to connect the course concepts you have learned and mold them into a cohesive communications plan that could be used to guide the University’s public relations strategy. Your Assignment: Imagine you are the PR Manager for Queen’s, and you just learned that Maclean’s Magazine released the ranking of schools with the best “work party balance”. In addition, different groups of stakeholders want you to address the “party culture” around the University – some stakeholders support it, and some do not. Your job is to develop a communications plan that allows the university to manage this PR challenge that follows the recommended template (see attached). To help with your plan, you have been provided with the following media clips that articulate some of the different perspectives on the issue. I encourage you to use other resources that provide different perspectives. • Best Universities in Canada for Work/ Party Balance • A Notorious Canadian Party School Attempts to Sober Up • Importance of Alumni and Philanthropy to Queen’s • Police Shut Down Streets due to Queen’s Homecoming Revelry • Kingston Community and Alumni Perspective • University’s Comments + Economic Impact Benefits on Community • Steps to Success: Step 1: Read the articles and watch the videos. Then gather evidence from within the articles/videos and through the course lectures, readings and supplemental research that will inform your thoughts on how to best address this PR challenge. Step 2: Follow the recommended template (see attached) and be sure to cover each of the required sections. Please note, this is a general guideline, it is not a simple checklist. It is expected you will draw all the relevant course content to support your plan. Structure of Your Submission: Students are encouraged to use the recommended template. That said, you may present the case through a slide presentation, podcast, video etc. (a format that works best for you). Remember, do not let the mode you choose inhibit the amount of detail you include. Make sure you cover all the sections. Students are encouraged to be creative, innovative and original in their thinking and to incorporate external research. Remember, the focus of this assignment is to assess your ability apply the concepts y