Proof that the Lightbulb industry follows Keppler’s Product Lifecycle

(PLC) model’s proposition

Topic: Proof that the lightbulb industry follows proposition #3 of Keppler’s product life cycle (PLC) Model. You can get into historically as well.

This is based off of the article by Steven Keppler: Entry, Exit, Growth, and Innovation over the Product Life Cycle (1996). There are 6 propositions and this is a group paper and I am responsible for Proposition #3.

Pick one of the key players in the industry to use as an example if possible. If you need to use multiple key players that’s okay. I believe the key players in the lightbulb industry today are General Electric, Philips, and Sylvania. IF YOU CAN LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE WHICH KEY PLAYER(S) YOU ARE USING THAT’LL BE GREAT. I have to let other team members know so that they can maybe base their work (proof of propositions 4 and 5) based off the same firm(s).


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