Providing Healthcare: Federal versus State Rights

Paper title: Providing Healthcare: Federal versus State Rights Academic level: College Pages: 1 Source amount: 3 Subject: English Formatting style: APA Type: Essay Details: Option 3) Providing Healthcare: Federal versus State Rights Suggested Topic for Health Care One of the most important discussions in forming the Articles of Confederation and the US Constitution was in how strong the federal government should be and how strong the state governments should be. Think about state versus federal rights and powers. The Articles of Confederation gave most of the power to the states (1777). Ten years later, the US Constitution superseded the Articles and formed a strong central government. Today, many people believe the federal government should provide health care or offer health insurance to all citizens. Others believe it should be left up to the state whether or not to provide health care or offer insurance to citizens. 1. Demonstrate your understanding of federal versus states’ rights, as argued by Hamilton and Jefferson. 2. Discuss whether or not states should be able to provide or require health insurance for their citizens? 3. Why should this be a state decision or why should it not be? Assignment Requirements One-two pages, double spaced content (excluding the title page and references). APA-formatted o Title Page o One inch margins o 12 point font (Arial or times new roman) o In-text citations and a reference page for all references used. You must include at least one primary source Googlescholar etc). Needs to be 300 words

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