psy441 family and child questions

PART ONE: Couple and Family Conflict Thought Questions

1. What are some examples of the stressors and conflicts in couples?

2. What are the sources and Influences related to family conflict?

3. What is spillover and what are the effects of spillover? Can spillover be positive and negative?

4.What are your ideas on spillover?

5. What are some strategies for addressing conflict constructively?

6.What helps to buffer the impacts of marital or family conflict on children?

7. How can children and families learn from and heal from conflict?

PART TWO:Play History: Thinking about Play
Please reflect on the following questions and respond based on your ideas and experiences. You can consider or refer to the related class presentation and the Stuart Brown TED Talk.…

1.How would you describe your play style as a child and an adult? Consider the types shared on the posted PowerPoint on play.

2.Who were your playmates? Were they agemates as well? What games did you play together? What were your favorite play activities?

3.What toys or play materials did you prefer as a child? Did culture play a role in the available play materials and experiences? If yes, how?

4.What were your play spaces like? Did you play outdoors or indoors? Were the play settings structured or more open/unstructured? How was your play supervised at different ages?

5.Did you ever take risks or try challenging activities as part of your play? Did your family encourage active or adventurous play? If yes, include examples.

6.Do you think temperament and social emotional development contributes to the play preferences of children?

7.What are your general thoughts on the value of play from listening to Stuart Brown’s TED Talk? Add your thoughts and critiques.

8.Do you believe there is a need for play therapy for children with adversity and emotional and other needs? How can supportive play and/or play therapy contribute to mental health? What are the potential benefits?