Psychology Intervention

Description Crisis Intervention Plan (200 Points): For this assignment, you will create a crisis intervention plan very detailed – school suicide that has effected the whole high school (public). Plan will come from the point of view of being called in for the 10th grade boys. Population 10th Grade Boys Setting Public High School Type of Crisis suicide You may include an initial debriefing and a follow up plan for example. You should target a specific age, group or population see above. You will also 11/23/2019 Writers Hub – Freelance Writing 5/7 need to identify the type of crisis – crisis is school suicide. The paper must 6 pages and be formatted consistent with APA 6th Edition. APA is very strict. Paper pages can be more but details is most important Outline for Crisis Intervention Plan Paper (100 pts) Paper should be in APA Style. Please use headings in your paper as they are noted below: Presenting Issue & Assessment (20 pts) Please explore/describe an encounter with an imaginary client to include the setting, the client and nature of the crisis as well as discussing what you would have ordinarily gathered from the intake. You should describe the assessment tools you would use and any other relevant information you would have gathered in the initial meeting (2 pages minimum). Ethical/Legal Issues (20 pts) Please discuss legal and ethical issues that you would need to consider for the imaginary client’s crisis. Please do not reference every possible code/law, but rather only the ones most important/relevant to the situation (1 page minimum). Intervention (30 pts) Based on the imaginary information you gather in your assessment of the client/crisis and the legal/ethical issues involved, please describe your intervention plan (3 pages minimum). The plan should include planned interventions with the client along with a rationale for the intervention choices you selected. Appendix A (10 pts) Write a case note that reflects your first meeting and plan. References (20 pts for reference formatting and APA Style) 10 references required more can be used but this is a minimum LATE WORK NOT ACCEPTED APA VERY IMPORTANT 3rd Year Level writing is critical You can write more pages but details must be through out