pysc300 corona virus

Assignment #2: Social Psychology and the Coronavirus

I know I changed the topic, but this virus and its social impacts on the entire world are too important not to address.

  • What you will be handing in for assignment #1:
    • Title page in APA format (see sample paper)
    • 2-3 pages of writing, double spaced
    • Reference page in APA format with any sources you use (none are required except the course material)
    • As a WORD document only

Here is your task:

  • Choose ANY three social psychology topics we addressed this semester. Or, if you have the book (it is free to you now via choose some from there. Write about how social psychology has been shown in the case of the coronavirus. From people hoarding toilet paper, to the racism shown against Chinese Americans, to people not staying home, to the misinformation made rampant by irresponsible social media use, and people trying to sell bogus products to naïve people online, there have been countless examples of social psychology shown in relation to COVID-19 just in the last couple of weeks alone.
  • Tell me how you have been impacted by this experience. What changes have you had to make? What changes will you be making going forward (if any)? How do you feel about it all? This second part can be as short or as long as you want.

Examples of topics:

self-conceptself-esteemrace and gender differencesself-regulation

self-presentationappearancehow we explain others’ behavior personal biases

stigmastereotypes socialization prejudice

discrimination trust how we form attitudes influence

persuasion group roles belonging to a group conforming

obeying normscohesion social loafing

cooperating competing group decision making attraction

altruism empathy group performance aggression