question 1 our historical figures have fought against slavery colonialism lynching or apartheid by using multiple strategies these strategies include armed struggle or resistance i e engaging in rebellion warfare armed self defense or other


Our historical figures have fought against slavery, colonialism, lynching, or apartheid by using multiple strategies. These strategies include:

  • Armed struggle or resistance (i.e., engaging in rebellion, warfare, armed self-defense or other methods of combat that require weapons)
  • Rhetorical strategies (i.e., using words and language to defend their cause)
  • Legal strategies (i.e., referring to national or international law to defend their cause or to protect their rights)

Please choose JUST ONE OF THESE STRATEGIES to analyze in this essay. Compare and contrast the manner in which three of the people we have analyzed thus far used the strategy you have selected. Please include examples from both readings and lectures. You may also cite the film if you’d like.


Economic concerns—including the production of crops, control over land that contained valuable natural resources, international or local trade, the economic success of blacks, etc.—affected all of our historical figures in some way. Please choose two historical figures and compare and contrast the ways that economic issues shaped some aspect of their lives and their actions.