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use your modified file.

  • Reminder, your Jupyter Notebook should be titled, “CheckPoint_Quiz_LastName.ipynb” & should have a Markdown header for each requirement listed (see below).

Quiz Requirements (to be completed in order):

  1. Obtain descriptive statistics for each variable in your file
  2. Read the following prompts and use the skills learned in class to obtain the answers (create a header for each bullet point):
    • Any correlation between Job Performance and Job Satisfaction?
    • Equal distribution of Male and Female workers at the company?
    • Any correlation between someone’s age and the wage they get paid?
    • Any other notable relationship worth pointing out from the data?
  3. Graph your findings using the seaborn/matplotlib methods
    • Get creative and change the colors/markers where you see fit
  4. Add a level 2 Header titled, “Summary Findings”
    • Write a short paragraph summarizing the data findings from bullet points number 2 (the data) & 3 (the graphs)