questions and answers 61

1.All the early hominins are restricted to the continent of ____________.

2.Explain how H. erectus hominins represent a different grade of evolution than their more ancient African predecessors.

3.Describe the pattern of changes in brain size (both relative and absolute) between Homo erectus and modern sapiens.

4.What makes the recently discovered H. erectus pelvis from Gona so important?

5.Summarize the Homo erectus finds from East Africa. Include fossil sites and fossil descriptions.

6.Review the text material on the Dmanisi hominids. State the earliest estimated age of these fossils from the Dmanisi site.

7.Discuss why the recent evidence from Dmanisi is so important. Describe the fossils found and what these hominins probably looked like.

8.Who is Eugene Dubois and what did he find?

9.Describe the cultural adaptations of H. erectus (Zhoukoudian) as accounted in the publications by Jia and Huang (1990) as well as others cited in the text. Describe: (1) the tools used and (2) way of life.

10.Discuss why the following statement from the text is no longer true:

The first definite evidence of hominin fire use comes from Zhoukoudian.

11.Describe the technological trends for tools associated with Homo erectus.

12.Describe the findings on the island of Flores, and give examples of how this new species differed from other Homo species.