quiz and an excel sheet for a physics lab experiment


This is two part Lab experiment Quiz and Excel sheet. First, you have read the lab instruction, which I will attach in pdf file call “11-Optics-I.pdf” Second, you have to watch the lab experiment video in this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBl6AFh2ER0&feature=youtu.be . Third, you have to do the Excel sheet where you can find the instructions in the excel file call “Lab_MeasuredData_Optics-1__YourName.xlsx.” Finally, you have to do a quiz about the video that you watch perviously and the lab instruction. All the quiz questions are in the file “Untitled_Message (6).zip” There are 18 questions total you have to do in the quiz. Please, in the first and the last question in the quiz, which is Introduction and conclusion. Just write information from the youtube video and the lab instruction, don’t write something from outside these two resources.