“Raising Children Who Think for Themselves,”

To compose this paper you must read “Raising Children Who Think for Themselves,” by Elisa Medhus, M.D. and also be up to date with readings in Berger, our main textbook . For this assignment you will write a research-based report answering specific questions about the concepts from the Medhus book in detail, while incorporating theory and course concepts from our textbook (Berger) throughout your written presentation. Please note that you will be uploading your final document for grading (by your professor) and also to a discussion board for review by your peers, so that we can discuss your learning as a class. Keep this in mind when writing your paper so as not to include any details you would not want the class to read. II. Suggestions on How to Best Proceed with Your Research Paper: Read and Review the Medhus book carefully (read thoroughly) taking pertinent notes paying special attention to details related to elements in assigned questions and the assignment rubric. Then find concepts, ideas and theory in the Berger textbook to help support, disagree with, or further explain ideas presented in the Medhus book. This is critical! Compose each portion of the paper: Introduction: write an introduction that clarifies the purpose and content of the paper. Overview: provide a brief overview of the book. Main Body of Paper: compose answers to the 10 questions you choose to address, being sure to thoroughly and substantively integrate course concepts, theories and ideas from our Berger textbook that connect with answers to the questions you are addressing from the Medhus book utilizing proper in-text citations (APA style). You must answer at least 10 questions out of the 19 and your paper should be in an essay format. It should be very easy for the professor to see that you have answered 10 questions. Organize your paper well and consider using headings. Conclusion: write conclusion answering the mandatory questions substantively, clearly and thoughtfully. Reference Page: create APA style reference page clarifying what sources you used in creating this paper. If you did not cite the author in-text, do not include the reference. and then… Review and Edit your paper and be sure you have substantive answers, have integrated course research throughout and that your own voice is made clear as well. Also, be sure your paper is free of grammar/punctuation errors, flows well, is well organized and meets each criterion identified in the Assignment Rubric. I recommend leaving at least 3-5 days for review and changes. Double check all guidelines and Assignment Rubric and then submit for grading on or before the deadline. Again, note that you will need to keep a copy to upload to the group discussion when the time comes as well (see course schedule for “Research Paper Peer Review”). III. Additional Formatting Guidelines/Tips/Gifts: Paper must be from 7-10 pages (no more, no less). 12 font, double spaced and completed in Microsoft Word or as a PDF. Title page and reference page do not count in this number. Tip: The most frequent reason I have noted that students go over the page limit is because of the choice to include too much regurgitation of concepts from Medhus. Do NOT make this mistake, as the rubric clearly indicates a large number of points attached to this element. Instead, address questions by utilizing course concepts from Berger and your own personal life (i.e., from your own experience of being parented or as a parent (should you have children), or both, as well as other creative examples). Cite Berger and Medhus properly and frequently throughout your paper. Be sure to write your responses in essay format and use proper APA format for all in-text citations and references. Tip: This is an area where students can loose substantial points due to not included adequate support from Berger, as concepts from Medhus are being presented. Do NOT make this mistake, as the rubric clearly indicates a large number of points attached to this element. Incorporate concepts, theories and ideas from Berger, as you address each question from Medhus. Gift: here is an example of the proper in-text, APA citation/reference for each book (two main sources for this paper). Note that the publication date may differ depending on version of the book you might have. The appropriate reference for the Medhus book is: Medhus, E. (2012). Raising children who think for themselves. New York, New York: Atria Books. In -text citation it would look like this: