read and finish questions


After reading the Chapter 1 in the textbook and reviewing the PowerPoint lecture, watch the following videos that explain the The Looking Glass Self hypothesis.

Then, answer the questions below and submit your answers.


Understanding Charles Cooley’s “Looking Glass Self” by Tim Squirrel

https (Links to an external site.):// (Links to an external site.)self (Links to an external site.)


Visual Sociology Project: Charles Cooley’s Looking-Glass Self Concept (Links to an external site.)Visual Sociology Project: Charles Cooley's Looking-Glass Self Concept


DIFFERENT | Award Winning Short Film by Tahneek Rahman:

DIFFERENT | Award Winning Short Film by Tahneek Rahman (Links to an external site.)DIFFERENT | Award Winning Short Film by Tahneek Rahman


Answer the following questions in complete sentences and submit your answers.

1. How would you explain the Looking Glass Self hypothesis in your own words?

2. What is the relationship between the Theory of Mind and Looking Glass Self Hypothesis?

3. How do these theories apply in your daily life? Write 3 examples of situations and/or circumstances in which these theories are relevant.