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Minorities without Melanin served purpose for culture. The idea was to get into the mind of minorities and see what their experiences are. Many minorities have a lighter complexion, some appear Caucasian and not so much as their stereotype of their ethnicity, this is called “white passing.” So, do minorities with lighter complexions get treated differently from minorities with darker complexions?

Project Approach

Do minorities with lighter complexions get treated differently from minorities with darker complexions? With this question being my focal point of the project, I had spoken to multiple friends and family about their experiences. This shade range of people helped me compare it to my friend who is “white passing.”

The research was all conversation and storytelling, but I asked the same two questions; “Do you consider yourself a minority, if so why?” and “Do you get treated differently?’ All the answers I had received varied person to person.

Lessons Learned

When going through my research process I noticed most people I interviewed were not mixed minorities. With this it made me question the range of minorities I chose to question. Every minority looks different whether its skin tone, facial structure, or if they are mixed. If I were to redo my research, I would have changed my range of people.

I had a range of skin tones of minorities who are not mixed and one person who was half Hispanic and half Caucasian. She did prove my question of lighter minorities being treated differently than darker minorities. She stuck out due to her being mixed, she appears to be fully Caucasian.


Conducting the research was easy because as a minority I was able to find a plethora of people interview. I was able to hear different stories and really dig deep into this question. This research took place in early 2020, when the pandemic was not happening. If I were to do this research during the pandemic, I think I would get different answers and stories.

I am fully Laotian, I have a medium complexion, and I do stand out in my predominantly Caucasian town. Before this pandemic every seemed “normal” I was able to work without being worried. I noticed the difference in body language when people saw me during this time compared to early 2020.

With my experience compared to the friend that is “white passing” I was able to conclude that minorities with darker complexions do get treated differently and vice versa for minorities with lighter complexions.