read the case and answer these questions please

Assignment Questions:

  1. Why has MD Anderson moved to multidisciplinary centers forcancer care?
  2. Describe the structure and organization of the head and neckcenter? What activities, specialists, and facilities are included in theCenter? Why?
  3. What activities are shared across multiple centers? Why?
  4. How does the coordination and integration of care for a patientactually take place? What are the supporting mechanisms?
  5. How does the Center create value for patients?
  6. Why is MD Anderson considering the new endocrine center? Doesthe idea make sense?
  7. What factors have allowed the head and neck center (and othermultidisciplinary centers) to be successful at MD Anderson?
  8. How can MD Anderson’s approach to cancer care be improved?
  9. Can MD Anderson’s approach be applied to cancer care in otherproviders? Community hospitals? How would it be adopted?