read the lt lt the great gatsby gt gt and complete research paper pre writing

Read the <<The Great Gatsby>> and complete Research Paper Pre-writing

a. How does your book offer ideals of the eras we have discussed?

1. Enlightenment
2. Revolutionary
3. Romantic
4. Modern
5. Science Fiction

b.What questions asked during these eras are also asked in your book?

c.How do the main characters embody ideals or traits characteristic of these eras?

d.Explain the plot. What is the story arc? Include rising action, complications, climax, falling action, and resolution.

e.What is the setting of the story? How is it important?

f.What is the point of view? What narrative techniques does the author employ?

g.What makes the protagonist the hero of the story? Are his or her values and actions heroic? Do they embody social norms of the intended audience, or do they challenge them?

h.What is the theme? Does it teach a lesson? What does it make the reader consider? How does it intentionally evoke a specific emotional response in the author?

i.In what ways does the book act as a catalyst to social change? Does it reflect the thoughts, feelings, or fears of its intended audience, or does it create something new for the reader to consider?

j.Does the book change literature in any way?

k.What is the genre of the book? List genre requirements. How does the book meet these requirements?

l.What biographical information on the author will you include? Was the work influenced by anything about the author?

m.What do other experts have to say about this book, its author, or its genre?