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Reading: Chapter 2

This assignment will be identical to the remaining discussion board assignments for every following week.

Learning Oceanography requires the study of new vocabulary as well as the understanding of concepts. Studying vocabulary is essentially memorization; learning concepts is more difficult but also more fulfilling. However, often a single explanation does not reach everybody. Therefore, reading the text is not likely to provide every learner with total understanding. This assignment is designed to get students to help other students learn.

Part A: To complete this assignment, you must have first read the assigned chapter. When you have finished, identify 3-5 concepts from the chapter that you have not quite mastered. Think about those concepts, and try to isolate exactly what you don’t get. Post your dilemmas to the discussion board below. Although your postings will be visible to the whole class, it is intended for your cohort. As such, title your posting with your cohort name so that cohort members can easily find each other. In the unusual event that you have difficulty with fewer than 3 concepts, your posting should include an explanation, in your own words, of something you do understand. This will strengthen your understanding and assist your cohort members as well.

Part B is responding to each of your cohort members. Read their dilemmas, and offer them some explanation as YOU understand it. As each person responds, different ways of understanding are offered. As you read the threads an evolution of understanding unfolds. The instructor will be monitoring these threads, and offering insight at times. You may also e-mail direct questions to the instructor if the “cohort teaching” fails at illuminating a difficult concept.

In order to get maximum credit, you must make at least one post and reply to three different people. Your discussion forum grade will reflect both your timely postings and replies as well as their quality. If fewer than three cohort members post, you may reply to someone outside your cohort in order to total three replies.

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