Real estate capital markets

The assignment is to provide Pros/Cons and a conclusion at the end of each of the three parts and a Summary Conclusion regarding which alternative (or alternatives) you chose for your portfolio. You are welcome to use a T-bar- Pros/Cons with a line down the middle with the Pros and Cons by bullet points for each. No long paragraphs, please. Bottom line- no rambling. The page limit is 3 to 5 pages. Follow the instructions on the assignment. REIT option-  focus more on the characteristics of the REIT and not research any one REIT. Take your time to evaluate the three options (CBD office, REIT stock, CMBS tranche) on their merits and incorporate what you’ve learned in Capital Markets and prior classes, rather than research any one company or project.  provide the CMBS deal name in providing the tranche pricing.