reflection essay 81

Choose 1 of the following prompts and write a 3 page essay. See syllabus for rubric.1.) Summarize and consider the significance of a portion of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics. You may choose to reflect on one of the following topics: friendship; temperance; courage; wealth; practical wisdom; generosity; friendship; pleasure; happiness; virtue in general. Compare and contrast Aristotle’s view with your view or the 21st century mindset. 2.) Respond in depth to one of the following articles covered in class. Summarize and analyze: Conor Kelly: Feminist Ethics: Evaluating the Hookup Culture ORShelby Steele: Affirmative Action: The Price of Preference ORGeorge Yancy and Judith Butler: Black Lives Matter3.) Consider an ethical issue related to the Covid19 pandemic. Make use of one or more resources available here:…1411f3f9e987542010f881bf4734da0cda29e56b73a4537920efd7c26ebd3534cbda117121aa9610467d4fa8e37434ca4db2ced45c2373(The podcast “Playing God” is excellent.)