reflection on faust part one only

As before, this reflection should be around 300-400 words long.

This time, please focus on this: Explain how Faust is a Romantic character. In particular, focus on how he emphasizes following his emotions (his heart) over following his mind (logic, the intellect). You should refer to the list of Romantic characteristics found in the module (in the “Characteristics of Four Periods” item), but I do not just want a “grocery list” of characteristics with little or no substantiation.

Focus on the above Romantic characteristic, and I want you to nail that down by describing several key scenes or moments where it is visible–at least two, perhaps three. If you wish, you might also mention one other Romantic characteristic which may also be visible in the scenes or moments you offer as illustrations. (In other words, there may be more than one Romantic characteristic visible in the same scene.)

In class, I noted several such scenes which show Romantic characteristics. Those are discoverable via careful reading to those who missed class.

As before, the best of the submissions of this assignment will not be writings which greatly exceed my requested length. On the contrary, the highest grades will be earned by submissions which begin with a thesis statement (a concise one or two sentences summing up your opinion on this matter); and then which mention specific passages in the works as detailed support, to illustrate a logical argument to support and explain the thesis statement. Sentence-level proofing effectiveness will also be considered in grading. Note: This is not a full-length, formal essay. It is considerably shorter than that, but I do not want unproofed, disorganized rambling.

Submission instructions:

  1. Please single-space.
  2. Save your document as either MS Word or as Rich Text. Please save your document using the filename Reflection 5 plus your initials.
  3. Then, in this very window, attach your file: Browse your computer to where you have saved the file,
  4. click to highlight and select it,
  5. then click on Open to attach it. You will see the attached file here below; if you do not, you have done something wrong.