reflection paper 600

The bystander effect refers to the tendency for helping to decrease in emergency situations when there are many people around. At first glance, this phenomenon is puzzling because our intuition tells us that more people should provide more opportunities for helping to occur. Nevertheless, it does echo commonly heard sentiments that people in big cities (with tons of people) are less helpful and friendly than people in small towns.

In any case, during our lecture, we reviewed Latane & Darley’s Model for explaining bystander apathy during emergency situations. For this assignment, I want you to reflect on an example of the bystander effect from your everyday life. Have you or somebody you know experienced being a victim or a bystander in this type of situation? Describe your real-life application of the bystander effect in the paper. Then, go through each step of Latane & Darley’s model and discuss how each step relates to your real-life application. Finally, discuss what could have been done to increase the likelihood of helping. Note: if you do not have a personal example or a story from somebody you know, please complete the assignment using the Kitty Genovese story (Video of the story) that we discussed in class. Complete the assignment in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the syllabus.