reflection paper 601

The Internship is a CNA school called Great paragon where I followed around a CNA class and helped teach them cpr, as well as help with daily class lesson, hand washing techniques, uploading documents, printing and shredding documents, moving boxes, and transferring course work to online homework for the CNA students that were of all ages young and old and of many forgein backgounds most Nigerian and Latinos.

Students will write a reflection paper to reflect on the internship experience. The paper needs to be at least 4 full pages (not including title page and reference page – if needed). Students must adhere to APA format while writing this paper. If the student is not familiar with this format it is recommended they seek out the University Writing Center for assistance. The paper must be submitted under the assessment page on Blackboard. The paper should include the following:

  • What the student learned about their professional self during the semester
    • Include details about personal (developing) philosophy of working with clients, views/beliefs about disabilities or underrepresented populations, or ideas for effective delivery of services to people with disabilities or underrepresented populations.
  • What the student learned about community resources this semester
    • How will this information be applied in the future?
  • Discuss at least three strengths that the student has noticed become apparent this semester in relation to the rehabilitation services profession. (It is ok if the strengths were apparent previously, but this semester helped clarify or strengthen).
  • Discuss at least two areas in which the student hopes to improve upon in the upcoming semesters.