reflection paper on poem

Turn a personal story into a poem OR compose a poem that tells a story. Write an original poem based off of a personal, familial, or cultural story that is important to you, or write a poem that tells a story. The poem may simply tell about a time you encountered an animal or a new experience with food; it may be about a person you met on a bus, or a written about a loved one. Your 1 or 2-page reflection paper about your poem should address these questions:

ï‚·What poetic devices did you employ to communicate your story?

ï‚·How is the form of poetry different than if you just wrote this in a prose (essay or

short story) format? How does poetry allow for better expression? How does it limit


ï‚·Did you imitate any poem(s) in particular? Did any particular poem or poet serve as

inspiration for your poem?

ï‚·Did anything surprise you during the writing of this poem? Did it take on a life of its

own in any way? Is the attitude of the speaker consistent with your feelings toward

the subject matter? Did the writing of this poem reveal anything to you?