Reflexive Diary-Included in Portfolio

Reflexive Diary-Included in Portfolio Project description Require 8 single entries that co incide with teaching days and topics ( see below) and 5 entries that reflect learning in your clinical placement the following topics from the taught days sould be included to coincide with the placement(structural family therapy,milian family therapy, Reflecting team, second order thinking and practice)criteria as highlighted below within clincal placement as trainee family therapisttl. Plus 1,500 word reflective peice as a final reflection on how you see your development as an emerging Family /Systemic Psychotherapist,which guides the reader to evidence within your records and reflective diary entries to the following criteria¦1)Achieve high level of cometence in therapeuitc skill 2)Achieve high level of awarness of and attention to family process3)Achieve high level of awarness of and attention to therapeutic process4)evidence well developed application of systemic thinking to clinical practice,including evidence based findings5)Demonstrate sustained and responsive ability to use supervision and consultation6)achieve high level of collobarative praticipation as member of peer clinical team. Taught Days 1st & 2nd Oct 14-Reconecting with key Systemic ideas and becoming a trainee again & wider systems.The therapeuitc relationship. 2)4th & 5th Nov 14-structural & strategic Family Therapy and engaging with the same. 3) 2nd & 3rd Dec Milan Systemic Family Therapy & Utilising Hypothesising and circularity,and Neutrality and Curiosity.Evidence base for systemic psychotherapy. 4)Secon Order Thinking-Engaging with Social Constructionism. 5)Reflecting Team Model and Reflecting Team process. 6)Emotion as a Systemic Issue.David Pocock 7)Solution Focused Therapies 8)Narrative Family Therapy

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