Religion, Buddhism and Humanity Custom Essay

) Religion, Buddhism and Humanity “If God exists then it is necessarily true that God exists or If God does not exist then it is necessarily true that God does not exist” CITATION Luc83 l 1033 (Lucey). Agnostics, theological agnostics for that matter, believe that one ought to withhold judgment concerning the existence of God. Agnostics do have a distinct concept of God and believe that the concept of God is a necessary being. And in this world where different religions arise, it is safe to say that there are different notions of God. Agnostics, theists, and atheists alike accept that God can either exist or not; they do not believe that it is just an accident of history whether or not God exists CITATION Luc83 l 1033 (Lucey). In the discussion of whether God exists, there is no gray area. Either God exists in every possible world, or he exists in no possible world (Lucey).

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