Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Read the links to articles and opinion-editorials about the “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” (File Link Below).This bill received massive public attention in late March and early April of 2015, and is still relevant today. About 20 states have similar laws. Compose an essay that argues for or against the RFRA law. As you defend your position, use one of the authors/theories covered this semester to help support your position. As you develop the debate, use a second author/theory discussed this semester to support the counter-position. With a little creative insight, you could discuss any two authors this semester in relation to this controversial law. Finally, please be sure you can open all the links related to this assignment. Immediately check that you can open the links, and email me immediately if you have a problem. NOTE: the first link is a news article from the “IndyStar”. You may have to fill out an annoying (but short) survey to gain access to the article. Sorry about this. But no personal information is required. Also, to read the New York Times op-eds, you will have to create a free account. Email and password is all that is necessary.