reproductive rights and abortion

  1. Why this is a human rights issue (you can refer to one of the 30 articles in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights)
  2. Examples of individuals, families and communities who do not have access or who are affected by this issue
  3. Organizations that are working to change this issue – to fight and ensure people do have access/are not affectedetc

At the end of your presentation – you would provide the audience with a list of websites and/or information where they could find out more information

  1. A PowerPoint Presentation (approx: 8 slides) – which contains the results of your research on your topic (a) why this is a human rights issue (b) examples of people who are affected/do not have access/are affected by this issue and (c) organization working to raise awareness of the issue. Be creative and use graphics and pictures to make the points clear and interesting to your audience.
  2. A one page handout – that contains the references to any websites and/or information in your presentation (so that your ‘audience’ can follow up.