research career paper

The Major Research/Career Paper (five-to-seven pages; due by 11:59 PM, Monday, May 4, 2020)

Directions: Please consider what you want to do with your life: be a doctor, a lawyer, a schoolteacher, an engineer, a businessperson, a nurse, a pharmacist, a college professor, etc.Use the first section of your paper to tell what your life’s goal is and why you chose your specific profession.The second part of your paper should tell the qualifications/credentials/education/

certification/testing/licensing requirements for your profession.The final part of your essay should reflect upon your contribution to society as a result of your career, that is, what legacy will you leave the world.

This paper should be carefully documented with several sources (five to seven) to support your points.You may use interviews, online sources, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.Include internal documentation and a Work(s) Cited page.Use the MLA style via

Email both papers as Microsoft Word attachments to either or you use Google docs or a PDF, please give me permission to open it.

My Career : I want to be physical therapist.