research immigration myths

Through this discussion board I have selected two immigration myths; Undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes and There is a very clear legal path to citizenship that undocumented immigrants must use to become legal citizens. write your own research that debunks the myth.

We have studied how the media is extremely biased so you must have 3 different sources that debunk the myth (Wikipedia does not count, nor your grandma’s opinion ;)). Further, once you find the sources you are going to answer the following questions:

1. Who likely created this myth? Why was it created?

2. What is the actual accurate information?

3. Who are your sources? (Make sure to cite in APA format) if you are using websites, look up on OWL Purdue how to properly cite them. I DO NOT NEED A SEPERATE REFERENCE page just list them in your discussion board underneath your post.