research on a dancer a dance style a dance company or a choreographer

Write one 2-3 page academic paper using at least two academic sources; 1) one book/journal/periodical (online or physical) and 2) one DVD/online video. Be sure to include the bibliography with your paper. This paper will be graded for punctuation, spelling, grammar, etc.

In general, research papers look at the HISTORY and DEVELOPMENT of a person or a thing. For this paper you will need to find at least one library source and one video source. The library source can be a book, magazine, journal, or online versions of these sources. NO WEBSITES PERMITTED. (Online journals and magazines are different than your average and are OK.)

The video source needs to be more than a 3 minute dance on YouTube. It should delve a little more deeply than just showing a single version of a dance. One source for your video may be on Alexander Street Press, our video database on the Library website. YouTube is also fine, as long as it is a bit more in-depth than usual.