research paper 1812

Pick one of the essays we read (or one we did not) from the textbook and write a three page paper on the issue/topic discussed in the essay. The idea is to expand one of the essays you wrote for class by using outside sources.

You must use TWO additional outside sources on this topic. Make sure these outside sources are reliable (journals, articles, books, films) and not unreliable like Wikipedia, shmoop, cliff notes, 123helpme etc.

“Java Man” (33)

“The Story of Bottled Water: A Footnoted and Annotated …” (30)

“Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns” (59)

“Immigration Problem Is About Us, Not Them” (60)

“Time and Distance Overcome” (97)

“To Siri, With Love” (101)

“Stuff is Not Salvation” (378)

“The Busy Trap” (281) Kreider

“On Being Cripple” (81) Mairs

“More Room” (133) Cofer

“Black Men In Public Spaces” (267) Staples

“How It Feels to Be Colored Me” (42) Hurston

“Aria” (456) Rodriguez

“A Tale of Three Coming Out Stories”(178) Gay

“Stranger in the Village” (252) Baldwin

“Learning to Read and Write” (404) Douglass

“Beauty: The Other Dancer Is the Self” (75) Walker

“Strangers” (130) Morrison