research paper 1848

Each student will be required to complete a research paper; the objective of the paper will be to present some practice or policy as documented in any non-western country and discuss the practical implications of either adapting or adopting it here in the United States. If you propose that the policy be adopted, then no changes to the policy need to be made in order for it to be implemented in the U.S.; but if you suggest that the policy be adapted, then the reader can expect to see what aspects of the policy need to be changed to suit America’s unique culture and practices. – see your syllabus for due dates

Paper Guidelines:

  1. The paper should be 3 – 5 pages in length and include an APA title and references page (5 – 7 total pages). A template has been provided to you in the Assignments folder
  2. Use APA guidelines for formatting and referencing – see the Orientation module for more help on this.
  3. Paper should be objective and contain supporting research to add legitimacy to your argument. At least 3 reliable sources (not including your text) should be used in this paper.
  4. Paper structure:
    1. Introduction that clearly states the policy or practice to be adopted or adapted and reasons for such; clear thesis included
    2. Description of the problem in the United States. What is it that you are suggesting needs ‘fixing’ or improvement and why? You should provide clear evidence that this is a ‘problem’ via objective support (i.e. research, statistics, etc)
    3. Description of the policy or practice in foreign home country; this includes benefits and drawbacks of the program, as well as why this seems to be effective in the home country (highlight the unique cultural, social, or legal aspects of the home country)
    4. Application of said policy in the U.S. How will this be adopted/adapted? What specific issues might the American system/people/CJ workers/victims/etc face? What might the benefits be? Is this a long or short term ‘solution?’ Be specific here and be sure to think of how this new policy may affect other subsystems as well.
    5. Succinct concluding statements which summarize the entire argument.
  5. No more than 20% of the paper should be direct quotes.
  6. Use appropriate grammar, citations.