Research Paper Developing a new business

Research and identify one trend for wine tasting, sales, or tourism in the Central Coast of California. We would like to see a summary explanation of the trend (preferably LESS THAN 100 WORDS), along with a referenced source and link for further information (if available online). An example, using a food related business, would be: Restaurant Sales Compared to Grocery Sales The foodservice industry is currently experiencing two distinct milestones. First, more than half of U.S. households do not cook at home using fresh and basic ingredients. And, second, for the first time ever, foodservice sales will surpass food retail sales. Today, more Americans are eating at or taking out food from restaurants than buying groceries and making a meal at home. This industry will reach a record $511 billion this year, confirming the trend that foodservice will continue to satisfy more of the eating needs of Americans. Source “ National Restaurant Association (NRA) Article, Restaurant Industry Forecast 2006 œ2006 Overview .

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