Research paper on tragic hereos

Format: essay should be a minimum of 1800 words (note well: the bibliography will not be included in that word count) written in MLA format, which requires 1 inch margins and 12 pt double-spaced Times New Roman Font. Choose 2 of the following characters – Hamlet, Laertes, Antigone, Blanche Dubois, Torvald Helmer, Troy Maxson, Rose Maxson- and argue whether or not they should be considered tragic heroes and why you came to your conclusion. NOTE: You cannot choose to write on two characters from the same play. You must choose characters from different plays. For this paper, you will be required to use five (5) secondary sources that are appropriate for an academic paper to bolster your argument. At least two (2) of those sources must be from a print book. ‘Use’ here means that the secondary sources must be quoted or paraphrased and cited in-text within the essay; sources listed on a bibliography but not cited within the essay will not count towards the research requirements. Remember to INCLUDE a bibliography of your research with your work, either within the same word document as your paper or as a separate attachment. Also remember that the story you’re analyzing is a primary source, and does not count as a secondary source (for the purposes of this paper, anything in your textbook will be considered a primary source and won’t ‘count’ towards your secondary research requirement). N.B.: Sparknotes, Wikipedia, Shmoop, 123helpme, Yahoo Voices, Gradesaver, the Dictionary, etc are not considered appropriate academic sources. If you use them to help brainstorm make sure to cite them on your bibliography, but they will not count towards your 5 required sources.