research paper or powerpoint presentation

Research Paper or Power Point Presentation

Research paper or PowerPoint (Individual or 2 or 3 person group)

This area is set up to allow work to begin early on the Unit 7 project which requires a Research paper or PowerPoint presentation. Sign up for a 2 or 3 person group and choose a topic for the Research paper. The instructor will approve the topic. Sometimes class numbers do not come out even. In this case a student may either complete an individual project or ask if another group will accept him/her. Individual projects may receive extra credit – depending upon the quality of the research, etc.

Required: In this area students are to list the members of the group and the title of their topic.

Topics could come from any of the chapter readings or global issues. You might research the life of an entrepreneur, i.e., Steve Wozniak, Ashley Qualls,, etc. The rule is the first group to post their members and topic get that topic. The course dates will be used to determine the “winners.” Other suggested topics are in the Research Paper Rubric. Or better yet, you can choose your own. Remember to get your instructor’s approval for the topic so you may begin as soon as possible

Research Project Guidelines

Due Date

Begin working on the Research Project in Unit 4 and submit by Unit 7.

Research Project Parts

  1. Introduction
  2. Development of research project (cite sources)(citations in MLA or APA format)
  3. Summary of Data/Conclusions
  4. References


This paper may be written as a Word document by an individual or a small group. It may also be developed as a PowerPoint presentation using slides instead of pages. Citations must be footnotes on the slides in the Notes area with a References slide(s) at the end. Students will select a broad topic, narrow it, and perform in-depth work on that topic. The project must be sufficiently complex to require the expertise of junior-senior level students. Project topics assigned will be in the general areas listed below.

If a PowerPoint format is used, then evidence of advanced PowerPoint techniques must be incorporated into the final presentation–timings, mobile graphics, use of effective transitions, etc.

Suggested broad topics to narrow:

A. Information Technology’s Role in Business

B. E-Business, Business and the Internet

C. Globalization

D. Biographies of Individual Business Entrepreneurs

E. Social Networks and their impact on Business

Learning Objectives

  • Work as an individual or as a group by narrowing the topic and developing the paper.
  • Read and research problems created by technology in society and some ways to modify or prevent these problems. Discuss these in the paper.
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the topic by comparing/contrasting
  • Sources you may use for your paper include:
    1. reading the course textbooks, reading documentation materials,
    2. contacting “experts” on the topic
    3. researching library materials.
    4. using the Internet
  • All sources will be documented in the research paper following MLA or APA format (not a combination of both). The content of the research paper is fairly open. See the description above.

Additional Considerations

Note a few of the common reasons why the group research term paper would not meet the minimum standards:

  • Too easy. As stated above, the work must be “sufficiently complex to require the expertise of junior-senior level students.”
  • Too little time spent in research and writing.
  • If this is a collaborative project, there must be evidence that all members of the group have participated in and contributed to the final paper.
  • Overlap of another course. If the content of the research paper involves concepts covered in another course(s), then it must be of a different or more complex nature. It includes the understanding that the student will complete all of the work. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Park University’s honesty regulations as found in the School of Online Learning will be followed.
  • Using only one source for the research.

If students wish to work together in a small group, they need to contact classmates (1 or 2) AND ORGANIZE THE GROUP PROJECT. Members of the group must contact each other and narrow their topic to a more specific area or emphasis. The topics and the names of the group members must be submitted and approved by the instructor by the end of Unit 4.

  1. All topics require the approval of the instructor.
  2. Discuss questions relating to the paper with the instructor at any time necessary.
  3. Call or e-mail the instructor in an emergency.

Research Project Format

The research paper should follow the grading criteria listed below. The paper may be written in MLA format or APA format. If a PowerPoint presentation is completed, then the font must be readable when shown to a group on a screen. The research should include a minimum of 4 to 6 references cited. The number is largely dependent on the quality of the sources and the research paper topic. The research paper should follow a similar format to that found in technical journals and the format of this syllabus. In particular, it must include the following items::

  • Title of Presentation on Title page
  • Introduction
  • Cite sources
  • Discoveries, data found,
  • Summary of data/ conclusions
  • References
  • PDF files will not be accepted
  • Students will submit paper through Turnitin.

Presentation of the Paper or PowerPoint

The written or PowerPoint projects will be graded both as a group and individually. Evidence of participation in the group project must be evident to the instructor.


Exceeds Expectations

Meets Expectations

Does Not Meet Expectations



10 – 8 points

Includes Statement of Thesis and several sentences that introduce the ideas presented.

7 – 1 points

Too brief or does not include thesis statement or supporting sentences.

0 points

No introduction.


Closing Paragraph

10 – 8 points

Reiterates thesis and ties paper together in several sentences.

7 – 1 points

Closing paragraph with no reiteration of thesis or too few sentences.

0 points

No closing paragraph.



30 – 25 points

Researched content is supported by references.

Wealth of information to support thesis.

Well organized and easy to follow.

24 – 18 points

Researched content, but missing some references.

Sufficient Information to supports thesis.

Somewhat organized, but difficult to follow.

17 – 0 points

No referenced content.

Insufficient information.



(APA or MLA)

Correct Formatting

10 – 9 points

Correct formatting

8 – 2 points

Missing some formatting elements.

1-0 points

Missing most formatting elements.



10 – 8 points

Organized in paragraphs with topic sentences, and details.

Generally correct mechanics.

Followed most guidelines.

Submitted on time.

7 – 2 points

Information written in paragraphs. Missing some topic sentences or supporting details.

Several mechanical errors.

Did not follow guidelines or late submission.

1 – 0 points

Little evidence of paragraphs or topic sentences.

Few details.



Total Points