research paper presentation 6

I need a 8 pages PPT with speech drafts for each page based on this research paper.

The requirements are below:

1.Outline your ideas for your presentation.

2.Review the student poster examples in the Writing Aids module of our course site.

3.Review the rubric for this assignment. There is a link to it following this assignment in the Assignment module.

4.Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 8-10 slides that briefly describe your project, capturing the highlights and roughly following the sections of your paper.

-The first slide must be a title page (with project title and your name), the second page must be an abstract, and the last page should be your conclusions.

-Other slides should include an introduction/background, thesis/key question(s) addressed, methods (in a research paper or if this is the focus of a review), results (the most important ones). Use in-text citations when appropriate, but do not include your reference section.

-Use tables, figures, or pictures to help you communicate.

-Be concise. Your slides should be easy to read quickly. You can fill in some details when you add narration (see below).