research presentations

a tulations on becoming an e xpert on one i ssue of Environmental Justice!! You have reached an exciting part of your projects where you can showcase all your hardwork – Research Presentations ! The purpose of this exercise is to share your research question,, methods,, and findings with other classmate , and also receive feedback you can incorporate towards the final research papers..

Your presentations sh ould include the following points in about 5 – 6 slides :

– Title sli de (aadd your paper title,, name,, department))

– B ackground of the problem or issue of interest

– Your Research Question (RRQ))

– Results,, Discussion and Conclusion (sspend more time here))

o Don ’ t forget to incorporate WHY this is an EJ issue

This format is similar to the str ucture of the paper.. Be sure to spend the maximum time of the presentation on your results and discussion sections . Each of you will have 1 2 to 1 5 mins for your presentations,, and 5 mins for feedback . Time will be kept strictly and you will be asked to stop at the end of 1 5 mins..

Things to keep in mind::

1.. Each student will have TWENTY minutes (aand not more)) for your presentation.. The time will be divided into 1 2 to 1 5mins for the presentation and 5mins for questions and answers . The time slot will be strictly adhered to . When you reach 10 mins , you will be given a warnin g on time.. When you reach your 15 mins,, you will be asked to stop,, even if you do not complete your p resentation.. It is advised to practice your presentation beforehand to ensure you can say all you need to in a concise and clear manner.. If you plan well,, you will definitely do well..

2.. All P owerpoint presentations (oor other media you plan to use)) MUST be s ubmitted by Sunday April 26 , 11::559pm , irrespective of the day you plan to present.. To submit,, you should upload your presentations on Blackboard before the deadline.. All late submissions will receive 1 point deduction for each day of delay .

3.. Make your presentations crisp and informative.. Be sure to share your Research Question,, the specific issue you are investigating,, and your key findings.. Since the time is limited,, you need not go into much detail on the background of the problem.. We are ea ger to hear all the interesting results about the case you have analyzed , understanding how it i s an EJ issue,, and weather you were successful in answering your research question..

4.. Feel free to add pictures and graphs,, and other things to make your presentation visually appealing . Please avoid any vid eo link s . Si nce the time is short,, its better for you to summarize key aspects o f your paper in your own words..

As researchers,, we not only present our own work,, but also play a role in critiquing and giving feedback to other researchers.. To experience this process,, you are also expected to be discussants for one of your classmates . You should be ready to share a few points of the strength of the research,, and areas of limitations where improvement can be made.. Let’s give constructive feedback,, where you can also suggest a possible way forward with improvements..