research proposal 206

●This first section will make up most of your 1000 words.

●Introduce key concepts/theories/ideas and define them – ideas, theories, debates, developments.

●You must explain the need for your research by reviewing the literature:

●synthesise sources: identify claims and debates.

●then show how it leads to the your research question (your title), what is the debate.

●Why is this question important? Who would be interested in reading this essay?

●By incorporating sources in this way and critiquing the research that has been done, your background section should lead naturally to your aim and objectives. Say how it does.

➢Start doing this for your own topic -> NOW.

➢We will provide examples of the background section in the seminars this week. Seminar 1 will focus on background.



●Your aim is the overall thing that you want to achieve by undertaking this particular piece of research.

●You will formulate this specific aim in response to the research background that you have just outlined.

●Your objectives should be a number of smaller, measurable tasks that you will fulfil to meet your aim.

Aim and Objectives

Working title

To what extend can the problems of using Celebrities in Marketing Sports Brands be reduced?


The aim of this research is to consider how sports brands use celebrities in their marketing and the issues this can raise, and to consider whether these issues can be mitigated.


•To outline the different ways in which sports brands use celebrities to market their products.

•To discuss the benefits of using celebrities in marketing.

•To identify and analyse 1-2 main risks e.g. related to public attitudes, celebrity attitudes, current social issues.

•To evaluate whether these risks can be mitigated while still maintaining the benefits.

Example Aim and Objectives

●This should be a basic outline of your proposed structure:

•Think about the specific sections you will need to include.

•Think about what you will need to cover in each section.

•Think about the relationship between each section and how they will help you to meet your aim and objectives.

●You may change elements of your proposed structure, but putting thought into it now will help when writing.

●However, detailed planning can only be done after reading and discussing your ideas with your supervisor.

➢You will receive more guidance on this in the next 2 weeks. You can only do this after your aims & objectives are finalised.