Research trials : The O.J. Simpson Case

Research one of the following trials:a. Colin Ferguson, 1993b. The O.J. Simpson Case, 1994c. JonBenet Ramsey, 1996d. Kobe Bryant, 2003e. Daniel Pelosi, 2001f. Scott Peterson, 2002Discuss the details of the case, trial, and the media’s importance in the publicity of the case. What criminal justice policy was highlighted by the media? Did the policy change because of the case’s notoriety? (C.O. 1, 7)What types of media was used to publicize the trial you chose? Was it effective? (C.O. 2).Why was the case given special attention? Was the trial an example of predatory criminality? (C.O. 3)In the trial you choose, was there any example of violent media as a cause of social aggression, copycat crime, and terrorism and the media? (C.O. 4)How was the crime fighters portrayed in the case by the media (C.O. 5).Determine what judicial mechanism was used in the trial to deal with publicity, discuss the media’s access to judicial proceedings, and/or any media strategies to limit government access to media-held information (C.O. 6).