Research Writing Paper on Hinduism

Description Research Writing Paper (30 points): Write a persuasive paper on one of the seven major world religions. This paper should be at least 2000 words (MLA format). Approximately 5 typed pages double spaced; 1 inch margins; size 12 font Times Roman. This paper must utilize the class text book and the text book should be quoted at least 2 times within the paper. Also, each paper must utilize 2 additional sources and use direct quotes from these sources. This paper should be a formal paper and should not be written in the first person (i.e. I, we). Papers written in the first person will be graded accordingly. Introduction: Identify the founder of the religion, the origin of the worldview, and the beliefs and practices “How did I get here?” (Origin of humanity/man- Is there a Creator/Designer?) “Why am I here?” (Purpose for humanity- What is the reason/meaning for my existence?) “What happens when I die?” (Eternity- Is there an afterlife?) “Why is there evil in this world?” (Pain and Suffering- Where does evil come from and how does one distinguish between good and evil?) Conclusion: Provide and brief synopsis of the pros (strengths) and cons (weaknesses) of the religion. Grammar and Format: Grammatical execution and formatting according with MLA standards