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Good evening, Class,

I would suggest that in establishing a comprehensive proactive posture in an effort to prevent and deter cyber threats and disruptions a systematic approach of physical security and cybersecurity must be utilized. The line between physical and cyber security is apparent, but they truly play into each other uniquely. When we look at physical security we are focusing on the access to industry or government servers/computer platforms. This physical security consists of security access to a building or the ability to bring in devices such as compact disks and flash drives. Preventing such security risks on the physical level is at the forefront of concern.

Secondly we would focus on the cybersecurity realm of operations. It is vital to establish a security system electronically. This is done through various software and lock out procedures that allow digital access to only those authorized. In addition, control measures to authorize certain members of an institution to gain access to specific data and communication lines.

I foresee the greatest challenges to be the ever changing technological capabilities. As we have entered this digital age, technology is evolving and changing consistently. The greatest concern would be establish physical and cyber security protocols and software to keep up with the ever changing and growing capabilities (UTICA, n.d.). To work through such a concern, it would require the use of expert personnel to work alongside security forces to allow for an adaptable force in readiness.

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