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Use the globalEDGE website ( to complete the following exercises: Promoting respect for universal human rights is a central dimension of many countries’ foreign policy. As history has shown, human rights abuses are an important concern worldwide. Some countries are more ready to work with other governments and civil society organization to prevent abuses of power. Begun in 1977, the annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices are designed to assess the state of democracy and human rights around the world, call attention to violations, and—where needed—prompt needed changes in U.S. policies toward particular countries. Find the latest annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for the BRIC countries (Brazil, China, India, and Russia), and create a table to compare the findings under the “Worker Rights” sections. What commonalities do you see? What differences are there? (I encourage you to visit the Website and explore relevant and interesting information about IB. You could also directly access to the report by using the link: