Review of book: Historian: Jon Meacham Title: The Soul of America

Review of book: Historian: Jon Meacham Title: The Soul of America, Year: 2018  Review of book consists of three different elements: 1. Description: Summarize the contents of the book. Pick out the most important points in the book. Do not overload your review with trivia. Read the book first and then summarize it. 2. Interpretations: Do not merely report what the author says. In your own words, report the points you think the author is trying to make. Also cover the following points: • How is the book organized? • What is the author’s purpose in the writing the book? • What is the intended audience of the book? 3. Evaluation: This is the most important part of your review. Here you give your specific judgment about the extent to which the book was “good” or “bad”. • Does the author accomplish what he intended to do in the book? • Does the author cover all the points which you think should have been covered? Is anything left out? Does anything not really fit? • Is the author biased for or against any particular view point? • Is the author easy to follow and understand? How effective is the author’s writing style? • Is the book effectively organized? • Was there a real need for this book? • How effectively does the author prove his argument? Pay particular attention to the evidence the author uses to reach his conclusions. What kind of evidence is used? Is the evidence appropriate? Is any possible evidence omitted? APPLY FOR THIS CASE