Role of The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys In this assignment, you will use rhetorical strategies to construct a causal argument. In this argument structure, you’re asked to speculate about the reasons why a certain phenomenon or a trend exists [so, within the context of fandom this might have something to do with the origins of a specific group or of a particular trend or movement in it- it will help to be as specific as possible]. Additionally, when tracking the root causes of phenomenon, a decent litmus test will always be looking at a thing/trend/behavior/group (etc.) and trying to find change. If something within your fandom has changed, there’s a reason for it. This applies whether we are tracking the new prominence of the Alt Right or looking at a group that was previously one thing, and is now, functionally, another. This remains true of even a much broader take (e.g. asking, “what is the root cause of a given fandom’s popularity,” means that we are tracking why people who were not invested in a thing, became invested in it. An answer that will not be considered acceptable: “because they liked it [“it” meaning whatever is most prominently associated with the group- whether that’s punk music or the Supernatural tv series or the NFL]. That would not be considered a root cause in any case- since we can immediately follow up with “but why like that? Why like this instead of something else? Why this, specifically, instead of anything else?” Fans are not fans because they are fans- this kind of tautology is v much not ok. Any paper whose argument can be reduced to a similar statement will receive a failing grade. Again, the key word is change. We are not looking- as we did in your second paper- at the way in which say, fan fiction functions. We might, however, be able to put together an argument about why the fan fiction associated with a specific fandom has radically changed, in terms of content, intent, relationship to the primary text, inclusion of marginalized voices/groups, or rehabilitation of previously problematic material. Conversely, we might look at how- and why- something went wrong. The most logical way to write this paper is to find a change [a significant change in a subject that you also find significant- or why even have the conversation?] and then figure out its cause. This will speak toward its meaning. . It’s important to note that this essay requires substantial research- you begin with a question or, ideally, a series of them- “why is this like this? Why is it like this now? Why has this thing changed or come into being, why is this thing happening? Why has the meaning changed?”- your answer will be the result of research and careful consideration of the same [basically, your response to the material]. Start with questions and then follow up each possible answer/solution with more questions. Your conclusion [which is the heart of your paper] will be the result of this process.