Scholary research

The Comedy of Errors Individuality and Identity Students, using the common text of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, write a 5-page scholarly research paper. Topics, Abstracts, Outlines, and Bibliographies of at least 5 scholarly sources will have been submitted by November 15th. AFTER receiving feedback and approval from the instructor, each student will write a research paper that will be: Include your name, course name, instructor name, and semester in the upper left hand corner of your paper – single spaced for this information. 5 pages in length – Include a title on your first page, located directly above the start of starting writing your paper, centered. 12 pt Times New Roman font Double spaced with 1” margins DO NOT skip lines between paragraphs or add extra indentations that are unnecessary MLA citation format should be followed If students include any images, charts, or support materials that is referenced as part of the paper, please include at the end. Note, including these items DOES NOT count toward the 5 pages of written material. References to any support materials should be referenced as in a “Please see photograph 2” or “As shown in chart B.” If items are included in the body of the paper and not as supplemental material at the end, points will be deducted for improper format. PLEASE NOTE: This research paper is NOT to be an in depth evaluation/critique or in any other way connect to the Athenian Players’ production of Shakespeare’s play. This paper is to be a research and exploration based on the script (text) that Shakespeare created. Referring to design choices, performance or character aspects from our production are prohibited. These aspects are to be included in the student Production Critiques instead.