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Ethics refers to the study and development of one’s ethical standards. Feelings, laws, and social norms can deviate from what is considered “ethical” in our daily life as well as in science, technology and medicine. So, it is necessary to constantly examine one’s standards to ensure they are reasonable and well founded. Ethics then, also means, the continuous effort of studying our own moral beliefs and our moral conduct, and striving to ensure that we, and the institutions we help to shape, live up to standards that are reasonable and solidly-based.

(What is Ethics? Article; Santa Clara University, 2010)

MoralDNA™ is a personality profile designed to assist with understanding your moral values. Professor Roger Steare and Psychologist Pavlov Stamboulides, the developers of MoralDNA, believe “how we make decisions and do the right thing” develops throughout our lives and can also vary according to the circumstances we find ourselves in.

This exercise is a diagnostic tool that measures how we make decisions based on the ethic of obedience (rules), the ethic of reason (principles) and the ethic of care (outcomes for others). It is also able to detect changes in the way we make ethical decisions in both our professional lives as well as in our personal lives.

Click on the website below to take the MoralDNA personal profile.
Once on the site click on “Discover your Moral DNA” and take the Moral DNA personal test. (Links to an external site.)

A) Complete the following questions in your Discussion board entry (80 points):

  1. In the MoralDNA exercise, which was your MoralDNAâ„¢ character type and what was your order of preference on the ethics of the Law, Love and Logic.
  2. What was your highest score and lowest score on the “Ten Moral Values”.
  3. What did you think of your results on the MoralDNA exercise? Do you think it was accurate?