Securiy Management

Securiy Management An Introduction By author P.J. Ortmier  Term paper on Security management An Introduction By author P.J. Ortmeir This is a 15 page (typed and doubled spaced)term paper, with no less than 15 peer-reviewed journal articles. There should be no plagiarism. The paper should be in APA format The words should be typed in 12 font, Times New Roman Subheadings are mandatory Pages must be numbered There are 10 chapters ensure that relevance is brought to the pages on each as well as following the scholarly article outline (make the paper sing) This paper must include the format of a scholarly article (outline) as follows: • Title page • Abstract • Introduction • Theoretical Framework • Review of relevant literature • The extent of the problem (that includes relevant data, if necessary) • Recommendations for policy or further research • Conclusion • References Please ensure that the writer is proficient in criminal justice (utilizing criminal justice terms), versatile in security issues and problems Keep your focus clear throughout. Otherwise, those interesting related issues you delved into might end up looking like window dressing, added only to bring the paper up to its required minimum length. Profs see enough fluff that they generally smell it a mile away. Kind of like a sixth sense, or a really obscure super power. In your first draft, say what you have to say, then punch it up or trim it down as need be. Neatness Does Count – Spelling and grammar will be considered in grading your paper. The point of writing papers is to teach you to organize your thoughts, and express them in a clear and coherent fashion, in the proper style. Be sure to insert page numbers, and check for “widows and orphans, lines stranded at the top or bottom of the page. Every word processor has a spelling checker. Use it on your final draft! Write From The Heart. Your paper (for better or worse) should be a reflection of yourself. If your topic is important enough to you to spend all that time researching and writing about, let your feelings show. Anybody can throw together a pile of photocopied articles and piece a paper together from their spare parts. Make this a labor of love. Well OK, sincere affection. Whatever. Try to get into it, you have to endure the process in any event. Your opinions are important too (surprise!). In some respects, your opinions are the most important part of the paper. If you don’t genuinely care about your topic, you’re going to have a hard time getting me excited about it when I have to sit down and read your paper. It doesn’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing. The chapters of the book will be forwarded to the email of support. Thank you