self ethnography research analysis final submission 1

Self-Ethnography Research Analysis – Final Submission Instructions

You will develop a comprehensive narrative analysis of your life (mentioning parents, caregivers, and siblings, as applicable) in an 8–10-page paper using current APA style. You will ask family members and/or friends for their perspectives. The goal of this analysis is to help you understand your story from a life course perspective, practice integrating theory with an actual family, understand how your environment influences psycho-social development, and gain greater self-understanding. As references, you will use the textbook as well as interviews with significant people in your life. Use the outline below as a guide in writing your paper.

  • Introduction and Current Context
  • Social and Environmental Influences
    • Describe how conflict was managed within the marriage and family.
    • Describe the racial/ethnic/cultural/socioeconomic background of the family and its influences in shaping life experiences.
  • Life Course and Theory Application
    • Describe your own process of identity formation using Erikson’s Eight Stages of Development as a framework.
    • Describe your own process of moral reasoning using Kohlberg’s theory as a framework.
    • Discuss your personal spiritual growth from childhood to present using Fowler’s Theory of Faith and Development as a framework.
    • Describe your event history and the impact it has/had on your life. Specifically address life events, turning points, transitions, and trajectories in your life description.
  • Analysis
    • Describe your strengths and areas of needed growth. Use the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model.
    • Recommend a plan for growth.
  • Provide demographic information—a 1-paragraph bio-psycho-social-spiritual description for each family member.
  • Describe family relationships.