Seltzer Article Critique

 11. This study looks at a construct that could be defined conceptually as “type of mother-daughter communication after a stressful experience.” How (briefly) is this concept defined operationally in the study, and what strengths and weaknesses do you see in this operational definition? (10 points, less than 1 double spaced page) 12. Briefly identify and discuss what you view as the main strengths and weaknesses of the study, giving your specific reasons (maximum 1 double spaced page, 10 points). Consider the research design and common problems in research (e.g., the validity of measures, confounded variables, etc.); use relevant research concept terms (i.e., use Chapter 1 and the Research Concepts Glossary in the Syllabus section of Blackboard). You are free to note strengths or weaknesses you discussed in Question 11 again here but you don’t need to elaborate them if they are already elaborated in your Question 11 answer. p.s. – one page each question