Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Al-Hamlet Summit Custom Essay

Comparative analysis of Components and Order of play in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and The Al-Hamlet Summit Literature as a discipline has various aspects that are normally brought up by the writers to reflect the issues, activities, and events taking place in societies by presenting them in an explicit and timeless manner. William Shakespeare’s Hamlet remains to be an iconic work that reflects how political and leadership regimes have functioned throughout the history of mankind. Al-Bassam is a modern day writer who is credited for re-inventing old time works to reflect the current flow of activities affecting the Middle East and Arab countries. Shakespeare’s’ Hamlet and Al-Bassam’s The Al-Hamlet Summit are two identical works in terms of their components and order of the plays which are meant to show how political struggles and leadership activities have remained less the same over the centuries despite the numerous social and economic strides that have been made.

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